You can now add additional transactions to Sorted by uploading them directly. 

Steps to uploading files:

Download transactions from your bank

Go to your online banking to download the file(s) containing the transactions that you wish to add. 

  • To find the downloadable files on your online banking website look for the option to "Download Transactions", "Download Account Details", or "Download Statements". 
  • Select the account that you want to include the transactions from.
  • Select the date range of the transactions that you want to include. This is important to avoid duplication within the app if you already have transactions.
  • Select the file type. You must select an OFX file type. This may be under the name ".ofx", "Microsoft Money", "MS Money" or "Money".
  • Download the file. We recommend renaming the file so that you can easily recall where it came from.

Uploading transactions to Sorted for Self-employed

  1. Request an email from within the app for your secure link to upload your files.
  2. Click the email link & follow the steps to upload your files.
  3. Add all the files that you wish to upload and then click "Complete Upload".
  4. Return to the app to start sorting your new transactions!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly though our chat messenger or if you you have any questions. 

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